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Grief & Self-Care: FREE Live Pre-Course Webinar

Are you experiencing grief or loss, or simply in a season of transition? Nurturing self-care doesn’t have to take a back seat during periods of struggle. In this free webinar, professional coaches Emily Hathway & Jami Taylor will discuss the bravery of and need for self-care in the midst of hardship and partner with participants to craft their own unique bite-size self-care experiences. Come join in this webinar if you are hoping to learn more about the 90 Days of Gritty Hope Course.

Webinar goes live on July 23rd at 6 PM EST.

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Meet Emily & Jami

Emily Hathway

Emily Hathway (MA, LSCC) has a passion for seeing gritty and vibrant hope come in unexpected and oft-forgotten places, especially through the beauty of community and in the unpredictable messiness of life.

Emily holds her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Masters of Student Development Counseling & Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University, and her coaching certification through Lark's Song. During her time in graduate school, Emily lived in an intentional community in downtown Marion, Indiana and sought to learn and grow through honoring relationships and actively valuing people's stories in her home and in the neighborhood. The emerging themes in her life, and some of her favorite topics to coach around, include imagination and creativity, abundance, courage, and deep hope. Emily's coaching practice focuses on individuals and small communities, and leading group workshops on topics usually related to awakening dulled senses. She is also a hand lettering artist and creative.

Jami Taylor

Jami is a Lark's Song Certified Coach, and she holds a degree in Biblical Literature and Intercultural Studies from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has a deeply rooted passion for helping others turn up the volume on their own unique song and she expresses this in all areas of her life, professionally and personally. She works at Lark's Song as the Creative Strategy Coach for the LSCC Community, and she home schools her children.

Jami spent several years serving children in the foster care system at a children's home in Georgia alongside her husband, Tom. She and Tom have fostered children in their own home, as well. They now have two beautiful sons, one adopted and one biological, and a baby in heaven whom they never got to meet. Her journey through parenthood has progressed in ways she never imagined, which in some ways has brought more beauty and love than she ever knew was possible, but in many other ways it has brought an enormous amount of loss. During intense times of grief, she has felt like the possibility of hope was just an impossible and naive make-believe story, but through finding GRITTY Hope she has found a sense of meaning and wholeness even in what was once so very broken. 

One of her absolute favorite things to do is to sit on a blanket in the sunshine and paint. A beautifully refreshing drink and friends or her kiddos nearby enhances the experience, too, of course!

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