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Enneagram: Discovering a Roadmap to Your True Self

  • Lark's Song 401 South Washington Street Marion, Indiana 46953 United States (map)
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Most of us have the feeling that there is something missing within us, or that there is some deeper part of ourselves that we aren’t able to unlock. We have a sense that doing so would lead to a happier life, including purposeful freedom and vibrant relationships. The Enneagram is a tool for discovery on the journey to your true self. In this two-part workshop series, co-led by Enneagram expert Seth Harshman and professional coach Emily Hathway, participants will learn about the Enneagram and how it draws us into self-awareness, courage, and ultimately freedom.

  • Workshop 1: Overview + Awareness - Saturday, May 18, 9 AM - 3:30 PM

This workshop begins with an introduction to the Enneagram as a whole and to each of the nine personality types. The focus will be on discovering which Enneagram type each participant holds. The second part of Workshop 1 is on developing Self-Awareness through the Enneagram. The Enneagram draws awareness to the ways that we sabotage our own thriving. In order to begin overcoming these self-imposed barriers to wholeness, participants will learn to observe and explore their own personality in a nonjudgmental way. 

In the weeks between Workshops 1 and 2, each participant will have the opportunity to meet with Seth in order to confirm their Enneagram type and/or deepen their knowledge of that type.

  • Workshop 2: Courage + Freedom - Date To Be Determined by Participants

Becoming aware of how our personality operates creates the possibility of doing otherwise. In this workshop, participants will engage in practices of imagination and courage for the sake of conquering core fears and clearing the way to freedom. We will plot the roadmap to the true self. Building on the work of the previous workshop, participants will reflect on how their gifts can operate in freedom rather than compulsion. This workshop will equip participants for their continuing journey into a life marked by the willingness to freely love and allow themselves to be freely loved, which is the ultimate goal of the Enneagram.

Workshop Fee (per session): $90/individual or $140/couple*

*Discounted Rate of $80/individual or $120/couple if you pay for both Workshop Sessions at once.

Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit accepted at event.