What if the parts of you that have been longing to be free were unleashed?

You are Capable of Uncaging & Awakening.

It’s time to remember who you are.

It’s time to be rewilded.


In 2017, I was confronted with the reality of the utter barrenness I had been tolerating in my life…


the areas of parched earth in the landscape of my soul and home yearning to be meadows, woodlands, gardens. As I awakened to the wasteland I had tolerated, I found I had caged the very parts of myself that might have enkindled life in the land.

I had caged my intuition - banishing it from the wilderness of my soul for fear of its unpredictable impact, exiling its sacred wisdom to an existence of smallness & perceived certainty.

As I threw open the doors to the cage and began to trust the wildness within me, I was breathless at the resilience of my soul as it swiftly began to sprout new life. I vowed to live with my brilliance uncaged, senses awakened and alive...and in the process I unearthed a story of hope - that what had been lost could yet be restored.

I want you to rediscover your forgotten fullness.
That’s why I created the ‘Rewilded’ coaching experience.

Come unearth your story of hope.

uncage your brilliance &
awaken your dulled senses.

Rewilded is a six-month individual coaching experience
featuring a “Ground-Truthing” Discovery session + 12 themed sessions.

Information obtained through direct observation, rather than inference; the reality of a situation as experienced firsthand.

The Rewilded coaching experience begins with a “Ground-Truthing” Discovery Session that will provide the basis for your unique path through the 12 themed sessions. This foundational session provides an opportunity for:

  • catching ‘glimpses of your wild’ through activities & discovery questions

  • drawing awareness to your emerging desires, hopes, & intentions

  • dedicating set apart spaces as sacred ground for honoring & supporting your growth

Session 1: Walking the Barren Soil

So often, we begin a journey by looking immediately toward the desired end. But noticing what is already around you is essential to journeying well. In this session, we will take an honest look at the landscape of your life, choosing to see & accept the present reality - both the spaces of flowering & the spaces of famine. We will begin by noticing what you’re deeply yearning for as we hold space for the presence of struggle & mess.

Session 2: Uncaging Your Brilliance

A part of the work of rewilding is rediscovering resources that you naturally have, but have suppressed, lost sight of, or caged. In this asset-discovery session, we will call forth your own hidden & forgotten internal resources. Through a variety of tools, as well as imagination & gratitude practices, we will speak life to your strengths & notice the gifts they provide on your journey into the wild.

Session 3:

Our dreams carry flashes of a reality not normally accessible to us. But if we direct our attention to the images, sensations, and symbols in our dreams, we can unlock the story language of our own souls. In this session, we will use dreams or dream-like experiences as a way to listen to what you already know in your deep intuition, amplifying the insights already whispering inside you.

Session 4: Envisioning

Holistic vision is often sacrificed by our perceived need for certainty. We unknowingly narrow the scope of our vision by our unwillingness to sit with complexity & mystery. In this envisioning session, you will open your eyes to your unique vision of flourishing from the perspective of “both, and” - attuned to both being and doing, both present and future, both chronos and kairos.

Session 5: Awakening
Dulled Senses

Humans have an incredible range of senses available to us for discerning the elements of our existence. However, we tend to give ourselves permission for particular senses & capacities to take priority, while others are diminished or even villainized. And even though these senses within us call out for dignity, it can become incredibly difficult to remember how to exercise and trust those senses again. In this session, we will explore which of your senses have become diluted & begin the process of their awakening.

Session 6:
Re-enchanting your Noble Soul

Self care can easily become a shallow term that evokes “supposed to’s” without actually nourishing our being. But to truly honor the nobility of our souls, we must listen to the parts of ourselves that are asking to be nurtured. In this session, we will discover ways you can live every day with deeper aliveness by creating personalized practices rooted in the expansiveness of your own spirit, sabotaging burnout by alchemizing it into soul care. In this place of interior fullness, we will seek to hear the ways your own soul is summoning you to live.

Session 7: Wisdom of
the Wild

The untamed wild has an effusive capacity for revealing its teachings to our deepest parts. When we simply place ourselves receptively in its path, we will emerge with something stirring - whether clarifying or provocative. In this session, we will draw on the metaphor of trophic cascades & the behavior of wolves to re-examine perspectives you’ve been holding about your own predatory instincts & their impact in your world.

Session 8:
Flow &

In a world calling out for us to drive violently toward our goals, our wildest parts sometimes ask a different question of us. What if we unclench our fists & live with open hands? If we choose to trust the flow instead of fighting the current, our sense of capacity increases. Flow follows focus, not toil. In this session, we will investigate the triggers that usher you into flow state, choosing those that resonate most in order to bring about a greater experience of richness, creativity, insight, & inspiration.

Session 9: Rediscovering Ancient Wildways

Our habits, practices, & daily liturgies form & shape us into certain kinds of people. In this session, we will examine the practices you have begun to inhabit in previous sessions & discern which ones are calling to be developed into ongoing formative habits & sacred liturgies. We will draw upon the rhythms & elements of nature as a way to fortify & support your commitment to these movements in your life.

Session 10: Restorative

As humans, we are constantly storying what’s around us. Like nature, stories are porous doorways where breath & spirit can pass through & enter. Even though story has narrative that keeps it grounded, it is filled with vertical moments that call us to linger in the reality that the world is alive. It awakens us to Truth, Goodness, & Beauty. Using the elements of story, we will craft your key memories & emerging vision of flourishing into a resonant narrative.

Session 11:
The Magic of Abundance

Because we live with a bent to possess rather than steward, we live stuck in perspectives of scarcity & smallness, never fully accessing the abundance available to us. However, by deliberately shifting our internal posture, our peace & receptivity to life’s gifts are allowed to expand. In this session, we will use the tools of imagination, gratitude, acknowledgement, & intention to explore how you can steward the resources that flow in & out of your life with generosity & internal stability.

Session 12: Rewilded

On any journey, there are moments to reflect on the distance & terrain travelled. In this final session, we will take inventory of your growth. As you look at the landscape of your internal & external world, we will practice seeing with gratitude what has emerged through the process of becoming rewilded. Taking note of where your brilliance has shown up, we will imagine what is just over the horizon & how you will take with you everything you’ve gathered on your way as you inhabit the new spaces of flourishing.

Because I invest so much in my Rewilded clients,
there are only a few spots available.

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