Hi there. I'm Emily.

I believe in living life with all of our senses awake – eyes truly seeing, ears truly hearing, and imagination vibrantly engaged. 

I know what it is like to hunger for a deeper experience of aliveness. I know what it is like to hope fiercely.


Sometimes, in the everyday experience of life, our senses become dulled and valuable life gets overlooked. We settle for the mere appearance of peace and abundance and live out our existence surviving in a perspective of scarcity and smallness. We get stuck and need new perspective. We yearn to create forward movement in a particular area, or to deepen the experience of something in the present. We sense we are not living to our fullest potential.


Humans are far more capable, resourceful, and creative than we tend to recognize.


In the messiness and struggle of everyday life, there are seeds of beauty and possibility. That’s why I’m a coach. Through personal coaching, group workshops, & creative expression, I am working to empower lives of courageous imagination & vibrant hope. I work alongside my clients in an equal partnership to discover and honor the value that is already present in their lives and generate movement toward their goals and vision.



Partner with me

Partner with me to unbridle a humanity that courageously chooses to imagine and embrace possibilities and hope in all seasons.
A people that builds true community through cultivating honor and gratitude within relationships. Life is full of exquisite possibility and you have the natural capacity to experience it richly and contribute creatively to it.


That's what my work is about: Reclaiming the possibility in the everyday.

Check out these opportunities to collaborate, connect, and create.

Come grow, live on purpose, and experience aliveness through your own unique profound impact.