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Eyes to See: Recognizing Personal Strengths as a Building Block for True Community

All of us have the ability to truly "see" one another, but most of the time we don't choose to practice it. Or we don't choose to actually speak what we do see. In doing so, we miss out on vital opportunities to cultivate honor and strength in our relationships. 

In this workshop, participants will:

  • grow in their understanding of their own ability to see strengths and gifts in others

  • experience the impact that truly seeing can have on individuals and within community

  • discuss the "stages of community" and their implications in everyday interactions

  • leave equipped with skills to create a culture of purposeful interactions and honor within their own communities of influence

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Honoring Yourself: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Nourishing Self-Care

We often believe that caring for ourselves is secondary, or takes too much time away from the more important things we have to do.  However, especially as a committed volunteer, your need to honor & nourish yourself is enormous!

In this 3-hour interactive coaching workshop, participants will discover & create unique, simple, & personalized self-care practices, uncover effective weapons to combat burnout, and have an opportunity to practice self-care in a creative, rejuvenating atmosphere. Come invest in yourself and those you serve through increasing your capacity to engage life fully. Caring for yourself doesn't have to be so hard! 


Enneagram: Discovering a Roadmap to Your True Self

Most of us have the feeling that there is something missing within us, or that there is some deeper part of ourselves that we aren’t able to unlock. We have a sense that doing so would lead to a happier life, including purposeful freedom and vibrant relationships.

The Enneagram is a tool for discovery on the journey to your true self. In this two-part workshop series, co-led by Enneagram expert Seth Harshman and professional coach Emily Hathway, participants will learn about the Enneagram and how it draws us into self-awareness, courage, and ultimately freedom.