90 Days of Gritty Hope: Find Permission to Mourn, Access Your Resilience, Nourish Your Soul, & Restore Possibility to Your Everyday


90 Days of Gritty Hope: Find Permission to Mourn, Access Your Resilience, Nourish Your Soul, & Restore Possibility to Your Everyday

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You know that feeling when something precious or valuable falls to the ground and shatters? A loss of breath, a knot in your stomach. Time freezes for a moment. You might start to realize what you’ve lost and wonder if or how it could ever be made whole again. You start to gather up the pieces so that the ground is safe to walk on again, and face the question of whether to throw it all away or try to put it back together again. And even if you choose to begin putting the pieces back together, the process feels so overwhelming. And what if you’ve even lost a piece entirely?

In this course, professional coaches Emily Hathway and Jami Taylor lead participants through 90 days of gritty hope - a hope that walks through the mess, sees the brokenness AND chooses to discover a new way of being whole. If you find yourself anywhere in this description, we invite you to participate this online course.

Participants will work through 6 online workshops in this course:

  1. On Grit & Self Care

    • Our course will begin with an introductory workshop on taking good care of ourselves, acknowledging our pain as well as our strength. Participants will learn how to identify exactly what self-care means for them, uniquely and personally, and how to implement a self-care plan that nourishes their souls while doing the exhausting, brave work of grieving loss and finding hope.

  2. On Drought & Soaking Rain

    • When a region of earth is experiencing a drought it can take several weeks, months or even years of low rainfall and difficult growing seasons before people know that they are in a drought. The end of a drought can be just as gradual as the drought began. Heavy rainfalls or storms would actually do more harm to the earth in a drought. The only way for a drought to end is through a series of soaking rainfalls that restore the groundwater, allowing the earth to be productive and to flourish again. In workshop 2, we will explore drought and soaking rain as a metaphor for grief and hope.

  3. On Being & Doing

    • Our society and culture tend to put a lot of value on the doing side of life. “Do more.” “Do better.” “Never stop.” But we know that life is full of the complexity and balance of “both/and” and we cannot tip the scale too far in one direction. In workshop 3, we will discuss the places of “both/and” in our lives - BOTH being AND doing, BOTH desolate AND hopeful, BOTH lost AND remembered. We will explore examples of complexity, such as the way that the moon cycles while holding BOTH yin energy AND yang energy, and we will discover the areas of complexity in our own lives, as well.

  4. On Uncaging & Letting Go

    • When we go through a painful experience, we often cage up the piece, or pieces, of ourselves that experienced loss, attack or rejection during that painful experience. Whether that be our intuition, our belief, our compassion, our creativity, or even our hope, those parts of ourselves that were vulnerable and deeply wounded tend to get locked up tight. In workshop 4, participants will be led through a gentle and graceful process of re-discovering those parts that have been caged up and how to begin uncaging and letting go - a process that will happen in very different ways and at very different paces for each individual.

  5. On Imagination & Possibility Thinking

    • We believe that any sort of change starts in the imagination. What we allow our minds to imagine becomes what we believe is possible. Imagination can be used in a way that creates lack, fear, and limits in our lives OR it can be used to create opportunity, beauty and abundance in our lives. In workshop 5, participants will learn why imagination is for adults just as much as it is for kids, and how to use their own imagination to shift what is possible in their lives.

  6. On Rewilding & Resilience

    • In our final workshop, we will learn about what happens to an environment when it is ‘rewilded’ as a metaphor for resilience and what can happen when you show up as fully ‘you’ as possible. Resilience doesn’t always mean that you go back to an old way of being/doing, but rather that you create a new way of being/doing that brings wholeness and allows for new growth in your life. Our hope is that participants will see their own resilience and acknowledge the beauty in who they are now as they journey through this last workshop in this course.

Registration open through August 18th. Course launches Monday, August 20th!

The total cost of the ‘90 Days of Gritty Hope’ course is $2,000.

You can save 15% with our single payment option of $1,700, or pay in 4 separate payments ($500 due at registration and then 3 subsequent payments on the first of each month).

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8/13 UPDATE: Due to a generous donation, we are now able to offer need-based scholarships for course registration! If you are interested in this course but have been unable to register due to finances, contact us immediately via the form below to see which scholarship you qualify for!